Keep Your Private Conversations Private

Keep Your Private Conversations Private

Reach out to a private investigator for debugging services in the Fort Mill, SC area

Your home, office or vehicle could have hidden electronic surveillance technology. Find out for sure by hiring a private investigator from Therrell Private Investigators. We'll scan your property for any hidden bugs to make sure that you don't have to worry about a security breach.

Call now to speak with a private investigator about debugging your building. Our services are available throughout Charlotte, NC and Fort Mill, Rock Hill and Tega Cay, SC.

We don't miss a step when we scan for bugs

You need the proper equipment to check for bugs in your residential or commercial location. Without a sweep from a private investigations team, your personal information and company secrets could be compromised.

We will:

  • Examine cell phones for evidence of tampering
  • Check internet lines and phone lines
  • Remove bugs and GPS trackers hidden in your vehicle
Contact us today to find out more about the debugging services we offer in Fort Mill, SC and the surrounding areas.